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ACMV Pte. Ltd. (ACMV) was Established in the year 1993 as Contractor in Air-conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation, Heating and Refrigeration (HVAC) System in Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

In the year 2002, ACMV has developed and manufactured eco-friendly products based on waste energy from refrigeration and air conditioning system to heat air and water for humidity control and industrial process use.

Today ACMV is the largest auto tube brush (ATB) cleaning and chiller cooling water filtration system manufacturer in Singapore with installations locally and overseas. The ATB system is listed in Singapore as Green Product and proven in maintaining cleanliness of the Water Chiller’s condenser tubes automatically to help sustain efficient equipment, i.e., centrifugal water chillers, energy efficiency all the time while in operation.

ACMV primary commitment is to help customers sustain their businesses by able to manage their utility cost effectively, efficiently and independently. ACMV seek to solve engineering problems in buildings and industries and apply simple solutions with a strong emphasis on our philosophy of Energy-Efficiency to Achieve Greener Environment.

ACMV primary focus is in helping reduce energy use in buildings and human comfort in commercial and industrial processes through high efficiency cooling and heating products.

To ensure that any industry and business needs are met and to provide a one-stop solution to our clients, ACMV offers a range of products, engineering solutions and technical services. The industries that we serve range from commercial, industrials, laboratories, semiconductors, data storage, electronics, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

ACMV has established products in-line with Green Building Program in Singapore and is ready to serve the region. We subscribed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a major company policy. We never believed in pushing our customers, but have always considered in establishing a strong partnership by offering excellent support and services. We will continue to strive and work towards a mutually fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with our customers in providing sustainable energy saving products that promotes responsible use and supports the efforts to advance technologies that minimize the impact on the environment while enhancing performance, cost electiveness and safety.