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Heat Recovery Dehumidifiers (HRDe)

HRDe Controls Humidity at a Fraction Of Electric Reheat Cost

How HRDe Works – 3 Steps to Dry Air Efficiently :

1—2  Warm air passes through the Moisture Trap (M-T) heat exchanger to accomplish three tasks:

▪ Pre-Cool the air

▪ Reduce Moisture of the air

        ▪ Absorbed energy from the air

2—3  Normal cooling coil (C/W) primary purpose is to provide cooling for the entire space as well as reduce moisture of the air but it has limitation to control low space relative humidity at all times.

3—4  To achieve lower humidity, the energy absorbed by the M—T from pre-cooling the incoming air is re-used by the Moisture-Zapper (M—Z) therefore no other energy source is necessary.

The energy save by the Heat Recovery Dehumidifier (HRDe) is as much as four times compared to when electric heaters are utilized.